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People interested in helping to create a local chapter

Please add your name below if you would like to help out or take part.

Number Name Username Email link
1. Jasper Bryant-Greene m:User:Bg e-mail
2 Brian Anderton Brian New Zealand e-mail
3 George Stepanek GeorgeStepanek e-mail
4 Richard Grevers User:Dramatic e-mail
5 Nigel Jones, NigelJ, E-mail,
6 Hamedog
7 Matt von Furrie Matt von Furrie e-mail
8 Evil Monkey
9 gadfium
10 Lewis Holden Lewis Holden e-mail
10 Matt Johnston TheFearow e-mail
11 Brent Simpson Countrymike e-mail
12 Leigh Blackall at Wikieducator Leigh Blackall at Wikiversity email leighblackallATgmailDOTcom
13 Henri Shustak not created yet email
14 Bojan Jankuloski B. Jankuloski e-mail



Even though I've crossed my name off, I am happy for the domain to be passed onto the society once formed, if there are any DNS updates needed or anything like that, just email me...