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Log of an IRC discussion on freenode which started in ##newzealand, and was moved to #wikimedia-nz in relation to incorporation and fundraising ideas. (Personal information + non related information stripped)

May 06 22:57:01 Nigel	BrianNewZealand, i notice there are a few more for a WM-NZ branch
May 06 23:00:17 BrianNewZealand	Cool!
May 06 23:01:16 BrianNewZealand	We need at least 15 people IMO (then we could become incorpoated)
May 06 23:05:59 edmund	WM-NZ?
May 06 23:06:56 Nigel	Wikimedia
May 06 23:07:22 BrianNewZealand	Wikimedia New Zealand
May 06 23:07:25 Nigel	BrianNewZealand, shall we force a signature out of each of these guys?
May 06 23:07:41 Nigel	only need 8 more :P
May 06 23:07:55 BrianNewZealand	:)
May 06 23:08:01 Nigel	BrianNewZealand, hope you don't mind, i changed the bullets to number's
May 06 23:08:30 BrianNewZealand	Good Idea :)
May 06 23:09:12 BrianNewZealand	btw they set up a mailing list, but it does not work :D
May 06 23:09:22 Nigel	BrianNewZealand, linky?
May 06 23:10:53 BrianNewZealand
May 06 23:11:59 Nigel	oh right, btw, you might find interesting (NZCS constitution)
May 06 23:13:02 BrianNewZealand	looks
May 06 23:13:25 Nigel	(it's actually a proposed one)
May 06 23:12:55 Nigel	actually lets move the discussion here...
May 06 23:14:03 Nigel	looking at the Draft Constitution, for Wikimedia-NZ, maybe rename the Junior Member to "Student"
May 06 23:14:19 BrianNewZealand	Nod
May 06 23:14:54 Nigel	inclusive of High School, Teritary, and if the need be, any other person under 18, that does not meet the other criteria
May 06 23:15:08 Nigel	so aka, a 20 year old Auckland Uni student could join as a Student member
May 06 23:15:51 BrianNewZealand	I agree with that
May 06 23:16:10 BrianNewZealand	Full time student,or part time as well?
May 06 23:16:38 Nigel	ummmm, good point, Full Time, MoE version, aka 20+ hours/wk
May 06 23:16:49 BrianNewZealand	nod
May 06 23:17:53 BrianNewZealand	Still keep all classes of membership equal, (i.e. a student can still get on committee etc ) ?
May 06 23:18:21 Nigel	the committee section, should notice be more like a week?
May 06 23:18:53 Nigel	well i guess so, the only problem is....
May 06 23:19:33 Nigel	there is a section in the Companies Act that prevents <18's from been director, i wonder if the same is true for committee members of a society
May 06 23:20:58 BrianNewZealand	okay, to be on the committee you need to be 18+, so a 20 yr student can be on
May 06 23:21:19 Nigel	did you just check that?
May 06 23:21:50 BrianNewZealand	I'll check the Act now
May 06 23:23:43 Nigel	hmmmm....
May 06 23:24:08 Nigel	it seems that a PO Box is needed, and at least funding of 100dollars to incorporate
May 06 23:25:10 BrianNewZealand	The $100 is the set up fee (about 110 IIRC)
May 06 23:25:23 Nigel	actualy sorry, PO Box isn't required
May 06 23:26:36 BrianNewZealand	"This must be an actual physical address e.g. "6 High Street, Wellington". It can’t be a post office box, private bag or DX address." :)
May 06 23:26:47 Nigel	right, but check down later
May 06 23:28:07 BrianNewZealand <-- has lots of info
May 06 23:29:11 Nigel	i know
May 06 23:29:21 BrianNewZealand	:)
May 06 23:29:41 BrianNewZealand	I cant see an age limit on the site, still looking
May 06 23:31:36 Nigel	looking at the Incorpated Societies Act, and i can't see one either
May 06 23:33:47 Nigel	The best, could be that the roles of Chairperson, Secretary & Treasurer cannot be held by a person under the age of 18
May 06 23:34:18 BrianNewZealand	agreed
May 06 23:35:01 Nigel	The other thing is, alright fair enough having corporate membership, but also what about "Member of Affiliated Company"
May 06 23:35:48 Nigel	so i.e. if NZ Post joins the society, then Joe Bloggs who works for NZ Post, and can prove it, gets say a discounted membership
May 06 23:36:33 BrianNewZealand	makes senses
May 06 23:36:51 Nigel	(something that the NZCS does)
May 06 23:39:37 BrianNewZealand	Okay I have made a couple of changes, renamed memvership class to Student, made meetings 7 days notice, and added a bit about rolls of the Officers
May 06 23:43:26 Nigel	wheres this Electronic Meeting Handbook thingy?
May 06 23:44:43 BrianNewZealand	Will need to be written, when we decide what goes in there
May 06 23:45:59 Nigel	alright, well there is one problem (and solution) that i can see...
May 06 23:46:22 BrianNewZealand	okay?
May 06 23:46:55 Nigel	the location of such meetings (i'm asuming on IRC?), and the identity of the members
May 06 23:47:25 BrianNewZealand	yes
May 06 23:48:32 BrianNewZealand	that could be a prob
May 06 23:49:26 Nigel	one solution, would be that members that wish to participate in an Electronic Meeting, must register a PGP/GPG public key with the society, and before a meeting digitally sign (with their private key) something to the effect of "Yes, I Nigel Jones, a member of Wikimedia New Zealand branch,  is presently participating in the Annual General Meeting held on the Freenode IRC Network, in the channel #wikimedia-nz-agm on the 17th May 200
May 06 23:49:26 Nigel	6"
May 06 23:50:10 BrianNewZealand	nod, That could work
May 06 23:50:17 Nigel	and stuff like "I agree, that any votes made during the meeting, are binding etc"
May 06 23:51:26 BrianNewZealand	We, would tell people, who dont know, how to get a key, but that shoulnt be to hard
May 06 23:51:37 Nigel	exactly
May 06 23:52:55 Nigel	other thing would be, would be confidentiality of ballots etc
May 06 23:53:15 Nigel	although that could be acomplished by a "vote bot" or something
May 06 23:53:33 Nigel	where you message say "VOTE item1 affirm"
May 06 23:53:39 Nigel	to the bot
May 06 23:54:22 BrianNewZealand	nod, that would work, or have something similar of a webiste
May 06 23:54:34 Nigel	nah, AGM stuff has to be fairly live
May 06 23:55:50 BrianNewZealand	We would need to apoint a returning officer still, to certify the votes
May 06 23:57:20 Nigel	which would then be look over by the auditor
May 06 23:58:57 Nigel	the other important thing is fundraising and distribution of fund
May 06 23:59:02 Nigel	*funds
May 07 00:00:26 BrianNewZealand	We should see about applying to IRD for tax extemt status
May 07 00:00:47 Nigel	good point
May 07 00:01:34 Nigel	"Non-profit organisations may be incorporated or unincorporated.
May 07 00:01:34 Nigel	"
May 07 00:02:33 Nigel
May 07 00:03:24 Nigel	IR596 for the IRD Number, that should be easy enough to do
May 07 00:03:40 Nigel	"We will send confirmation of your IRD number within 8-10 working days of receiving the application form.
May 07 00:03:40 Nigel	"
May 07 00:04:33 Nigel	btw, i'll just point out that i'm slightly under 18, but i think that a NZ Branch would be important
May 07 00:06:08 BrianNewZealand	:) I am also just under 18, I support the Idea of a NZ Wikimedia aswell
May 07 00:08:46 Nigel	Student?
May 07 00:09:08 BrianNewZealand	Vasty next year (highschool currently :)
May 07 00:09:32 Nigel	ahhh right, i skipped Year 13
May 07 00:10:50 Nigel	i'm currently studying a DipIT
May 07 00:23:08 Nigel	so yeah, i quite like the idea of a New Zealand wikimedia
May 07 00:24:15 BrianNewZealand	btw the Aussies are well on there way to getting Wikimedia AU set up
May 07 00:28:07 Nigel	so i have read
May 07 00:29:42 Nigel	Wikimedia UK was setup as a company
May 07 00:30:26 BrianNewZealand	I saw, that would be costly to do through
May 07 00:32:06 Nigel	I think it'd be best off as a Society
May 07 00:33:06 BrianNewZealand	I agree with going with society, its the best for WMNZ
May 07 00:33:58 Nigel	you know what could be a really cool fundraising idea, time intenstive, but hell, it could be really worth it.... compliation of study guides, based on content from Wikipedia, NZ related, sell it as education resources
May 07 00:34:16 Nigel	it would be even better when the Maori wiki is in full swing
May 07 00:35:04 Nigel	like you know how we have had to endue long long studies on the Treaty etc, items like that
May 07 00:35:46 BrianNewZealand	I just done a 1500 word essay of the tready for History :) I used wikipedia alot
May 07 00:36:41 Nigel	right so you know what i mean
May 07 00:36:52 Nigel	same can be done for science etc
May 07 00:37:13 BrianNewZealand	We could sent out lettets to Maori Teachers in schools, inviting them, and there students to go on mi, same for other sybjects
May 07 00:38:23 Nigel	actually, thats something.... one thing we need to work out, is if as mi, is directly under New Zealand, is if the Wikimedia NZ Branch could be basicly a co-nanny of mi...
May 07 00:39:33 Nigel	i wonder what publishing companies would kinda do what i described
May 07 00:40:45 BrianNewZealand	I think we would have some say on projects effecting NZ, <reads the FAQ>
May 07 00:41:04 Nigel	on the other hand, who says it has to be printed
May 07 00:41:23 Nigel	PDF Study Guide
May 07 00:41:35 Nigel	MoE wants IT intergrated into education more
May 07 00:41:43 BrianNewZealand	DVD/CD even
May 07 00:41:53 Nigel	yeah exactly, PDF on CD
May 07 00:42:43 Nigel	they could be done on a school license
May 07 00:43:04 Nigel	what the cost of a properly done CD these days, max $5/cd?
May 07 00:43:12 BrianNewZealand	We could run off a few on someones DVD recorder, for examples, and see if anyones intrested
May 07 00:43:30 Nigel	you know, with the art on the CD
May 07 00:43:51 Nigel	(printed is the term i'm after)
May 07 00:44:22 BrianNewZealand	Well you can have labels :P
May 07 00:44:52 Nigel	add a $5 markup, and well WMNZ would have quite a nice funding profit
May 07 00:45:52 Nigel	basicly say a $10 base license for Wikimedia NZ resources (one off account management fee), then $10/cd (including p&p)
May 07 00:45:59 BrianNewZealand	Some People would not be intrested "What wrong with good old books"
May 07 00:46:46 Nigel	but the thing is, MoE want computers in the schoolplace
May 07 00:47:27 BrianNewZealand	If we get the ministry on board... :)
May 07 00:47:31 Nigel	actually, maybe even 10 dollars is too much, i dunno
May 07 00:48:05 Nigel	but also, if the product was so good, teachers may buy class sets
May 07 00:48:33 BrianNewZealand	If they have a CD, what would stop them going online insteed
May 07 00:48:42 Nigel	well i mean, you know, instead of students buying textbooks thru the school, they buy the CD
May 07 00:49:20 Nigel	well i guess, part of the deal could be that they are formatted, in a more educational way, or something like that
May 07 00:49:38 Nigel	the other way is, a school gets the CD, and prints out a couple of class sets
May 07 00:49:46 BrianNewZealand	we could also add quizs and stuff
May 07 00:49:59 Nigel	(maybe the better way)
May 07 00:50:51 Nigel	like what school wouldn't pay $10 for decent resources on a certain subject
May 07 00:51:05 Nigel	decent general resources
May 07 00:51:24 Nigel	like they'd be handy for a schools 'elibrary'
May 07 00:51:38 *	Nigel marks that idea up on the board :P
May 07 00:51:48 BrianNewZealand	Next to encata and stuff
May 07 00:53:15 Nigel	schools don't normally get the latest and greatest of that sorta stuff
May 07 00:55:25 BrianNewZealand	jees its 1am allready :)
May 07 00:56:56 Nigel	wow crap, so it is
May 07 01:09:38 Nigel	I think i might try to be a little artistic and see if i can do a logo for "Wikimedia NZ"